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Brief history of online Newfoundland & Labrador family research & NL GenWeb
The earliest website for Newfoundland research was "The Stagehead" owned by John Holwell. John found the handwritten records of the 1921 Census and decided to put the census for Notre Dame Bay on the internet, it was called the "The Notre Dame Genealogy Project". Thank you to John Howell, Patricia Howell, Glynn Hewlett, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, George White, Sidney Young and Freeman Fry who worked tirelessly to transcribe the census and other research material. They provided the foundation for the excellent NL resources available online today.

NL GenWeb was started by Stephen Baker in the late 1990's as the NFGenWeb, part of Canada GenWeb and ultimately World GenWeb to provide online research material for Newfoundland & Labrador free of charge. In 2004 Sue O'Neill became NL GenWeb owner and the site grew with many volunteers donating material for the site. Sue added message boards to further help with research. NL GenWeb ownership was passed on to Tammy Hammond in November 2008.

Thank you very much for all contributions to NL GenWeb.

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